Not everyone has enough space to store a surf ski in their garage. Furthermore, most of us don’t live near a lake, which makes it inevitable to transport the equipment to the water. This takes time and is also very awkward.


Therefore, the idea arose to set up surf ski points along the beautiful Lake Thun and Brienz where you can rent surf skis independently. This is how we give everyone easy access to surf skiing. We also offer regular courses there.

WHO DOES IT SUIT? - Surf skiing is perfect for anyone who doesn't like fitness studios and who is looking for an effective workout for their body and mind! Surfskiing is fantastic!

HOW IT WORKS - In order to rent a surf ski at a Surf Ski Point, you require an introductory course. This includes 3 hours. Afterwards, each participant will receive an ID card, so that he or she can rent surf skis at any Surf Ski Point at Lake Thun and Brienz. Please note: Surf skiing can also be practised in winter! For safety reasons, winter courses are for experienced paddlers only! All courses are published on this website. We also stage events during the winter season.

LOCATIONS - Thun | Unterseen | Interlaken | Leissigen | Gunten | Masua Beach (Sardinia) - Book your courses, tours and your surf ski now!



TOM BECK - Tom Beck works as a professional drummer in Switzerland and abroad, e.g. with acts such as DJ Bobo, Gölä, Lilly Martin, Paul Camilleri, Gigi Moto, Philipp Fankhauser, Bruno Dietrich and many others.


"At the time, I was looking for a sport as an alternative to the tough daily routine of a musician. Not a fitness studio, but something outdoors that would be equally positive for the body and the mind. Many years ago, two friends of mine (professional racing canoeists) introduced me to canoe racing. After a few years of training in marathon canoes, I eventually discovered surf skiing: a fantastic sport for all seasons and nearly no risk of injury at all!"

EVELINE MAYER - Eveline Mayer teaches people with mental disabilities. She is a certified movement pedagogue specialised in the field of the back and the spine.


"Friends of mine introduced me to canoe racing, and ever since I have been on the water as much as possible. I love being on the lake, in the wind and the waves, and the surf ski proves to be a faithful companion for a great workout in any kind of weather. Surfing not only has a positive effect on the torso muscles, it is also an excellent way of improving balance and stability. That is also why I think this sport is ideal for older people. And last but not least, the whole thing is just so much fun!"



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