With a surf ski you can go on the water all year round, as long as you know what kind of clothes you need.


We have a lot of experience and are happy to advise you. Everything you need for surf ski paddling can be obtained directly from us.

 We only sell selected products that we have tested ourselves over the years at our Surf Ski Points. In our opinion, we can offer you the best products for surf skiing.

SURFSKI - In the meantime, a lot of surf ski manufacturers have emerged on the market. Some of the more famous names are Epic, Nelo, Fenn, Think and Stellar.


Our main partner is Epic Surfskis. These products are very well built and easy to use. It’s easy to quickly adjust the foot pedals and the steering wheel. This feature is particularly welcome in courses when it is often necessary to readjust. EPIC SURFSKIS can be ordered directly from us.

PADDEL - During our courses, we use a light standard paddle with a plastic blade and an aluminium shaft. They are very robust, and at the same time they are ideal for beginner courses.

 If you want to practice surf skiing seriously, there is no getting around a wing paddle. This type of paddle is made of carbon, light as a feather and adjustable in length. In order to paddle efficiently with a wing paddle, a special technique is required. We also offer such paddle technique courses. EPIC PADDLES can be ordered directly from us.

LEASH - The leash that connects the board and the paddler is also manufactured by Epic. It ensures that the surf ski does not drift away from the paddler if he or she falls into the water in strong winds. One side is attached to the ankle or under the knee with a padded Velcro strap.

LIFE VEST - We normally use Palm or Vajkobi life vests.



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